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Jack Trama is a sales pro consistently earning top spots on the leaderboards, selling millions of dollars in revenue. He has worked with hundreds of companies, including start-ups, entrepreneurs, coaches, and influencers. Jack developed Closer Script to help sales closers perform better on their sales calls and improve closing ratios.


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Dear friend,

It is frustrating when you are unable to close a sale due to your own performance.

Using a script that isn’t easy to scan and read will derail your calls every time.

The road to sales success is filled with ups and downs and hard lessons.

But, if you could structure your script in a way that gives you the confidence you need to crush any sales call, wouldn’t you want to know how?

Closer Script helps you perform better whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out.  You can operate with peak performance throughout the entire call.

Consider this..

Every second of a sales call is critical when building trust with your prospective customer. As such, it is crucial that you can see key elements of your script quickly and with ease. 

What happens when you don’t anticipate important questions or objections? Or when you create lags in the conversation while searching for what you need among a flurry of open tabs, notes, and documents?

The BEST salespeople cannot succeed without clarity of their offer, so finding what they need, when they need it is critical. 

This is where Closer Script comes in… it provides an easy to navigate view of your ENTIRE script in a single interface.

Now you can deliver key elements of your script without missing a beat.

Best of all? Closer Script is simple to use and offers a quick turnaround to get set up. 

It’s as easy as uploading your script and letting the Closer Script team put their 25 years of sales experience to use as they format your script so it works for you! 

No more scrolling or jumping between tabs! 

If you’re ready to invest in your success and your career, join our short webinar to discover how Closer Script is helping high-ticket closers of all levels perform better on their calls!

See you on the inside,

Jack Trama
Founder, Closer Script

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