Closer Script Affiliate Program

Closer Script is a simple, yet powerful platform that helps sales closers, influencers, coaches, and sales teams increase closing ratios by up to 20%.  As an affiliate, you can help your associates get access to Closer Script and earn referral fees.

Why Closer Script is a Game Changer

The Closer Script Affiliate Program was developed to recognize, grow, and reward marketers, sales promoters,  and brand evangelists, while helping grow the businesses of our mutual clients. 

What's in it for YOU as an Affiliate?

As a Closer Script affiliate, you are able to add a recurring revenue stream to your business by introducing your clients & customers to Closer Script. You can do this by directly guiding them as they create a paid account, or by using your online presence to introduce your followers to the platform by posting an article, blog post or graphic on your website, thus exposing your site readers to the many benefits of Closer Script. If a lead follows your unique affiliate link to Closer Script and signs up for a paid account, then you will receive payouts according to the details of the Affiliate Program!

The Numbers

Our clients pay in full for their annual subscription using a credit card, or they finance the purchase at checkout using Klarna Or Affirm.  We are currently offering 20% of the full payment received, and then 20% of future annual renewals.

EXAMPLE: If you referred just 50 paid clients through your affiliate link, based on our current pricing, you would get $259.40 per client or $12,970 each year for as long as they remain paid clients.  One step further, if you refer 100 clients, your income would be $25,940 per year for as long as they remain paid clients.  Your income is uncapped, just do the math and see how it all adds up.

You can use your affiliate link as many times as you like, the more customers you bring in, the more sales we generate. Our clients win when they use Closer Script — and YOU win — earning passive income for referring them to us . With just a few well placed links/graphics in front of the right audience, you could find yourself making yearly recurring income as a Closer Script Affiliate.